NFTme Season One

Documentary TV Series on NFTs, Crypto & The Metaverse

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NFTme TV Series

Season One of NFTme highlights the emerging NFT industry,

showcasing various NFT pioneers, entrepreneurs, brands & creators.

Discover the creative revolution!

NFTme is a new documentary TV series created to showcase the mind-blowing innovation, creativity, opportunity & collaboration inside the fast-evolving NFT industry.

Season one takes you deep inside the NFT, Crypto & Blockchain industry, meeting with leaders that are propelling the NFT market forwards. 98% of the global population doesn’t yet understand NFTs or Crypto, therefore the Series has been produced to bridge this gap, as informative, engaging edutainment, providing vital information and jargon breakdown, as well as meeting with real creators to hear their stories and experience the wonder and excitement of their immersive content.

Web 3.0 brings a new mindset, new tech and new ways of doing business. Delve into the digital realms, experience the art, the hype, the metaverse and all of the superstar creators.

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Taking NFTs to the masses

Learn about how the NFT industry is taking the world by storm!

Global Impact With Edu-tainment!

Produced by award-winning production house Tech Talk Media and directed by award-winning Director, Jonny Caplan who serves as Executive Producer, Director & Writer, NFTme is being brought to you directly from the heart of the NFT community.

NFTme Season One has featured over 50 different guests, and filming has taken place in Europe, The Middle East, Asia & U.S.A to produce a momentus reprepresentation of the diversity and wide reaching ability of NFTs and blockchain technology.

Whilst in production of Season One, the NFTme team has had unparalelled access to the NFT community, some of the largest names in the space, and partnered with the biggest events the NFT industry, including Gulf Blockchain Week, NFT Bazl, NFT.NYC, Art Basel Miami, NFT London, amongst others.

TTM productions are focused on impact, positivity and innovation, and NFTme and the very nature of NFTs, Blockchain & Crypto are set to make this one of TTM's most powerful titles ever.

The sheer excitement and global support for NFTme so far has been incredible, and based on the phenonmenal content thats already been recorded, the series is set to make history.

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NFTme Season One

(6 x 30') Factual Documentary TV Series

for Tier 1 Broadcast

The Premiere TV Ready Show on NFTs!

Filmed in 4K across the globe with a world-leading award winning film crew and with post-production running at the speed of light, NFTme Season One has been produced at record speed with completion inside 18 months.

The Series is produced in a documentary interview style, meeting with leaders in the space, mixed with immersive digital content and all screens have been additionally animated to meet the style and feeling of Web 3.0 programming and NFTs.

With US Premiere on Amazon Prime just in time for Xmas 2022, NFTme takes a deep look inside the NFT market, and behind the scenes with a number of leading brands, companies, experts and creators.

Now also with shortform and longform editions of the content also available, NFTme the Series is now airing in 195 countries worldwide with more languages being distributed throughout 2023.

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